Welcome to Unofficial RV-3 Headquarters. For the uninitiated, the RV-3 was the first model of the RV series of kit aircraft designed and produced by Dick "Van" VanGrunsven and Van's Aircraft. Though largely eclipsed by the subsequent newer models in the RV line, the RV-3 kit is still sold today in small numbers, now featuring a completely redesigned wing, as the updated RV-3B. Enthusiasts know that the RV-3 is the truest "pilot's airplane" of the bunch — a sport aircraft which still has no equal for its mission profile.

As an RV-3B builder, and one who simply appreciates this design, I am hosting this site to serve as a central point for information about this wonderful aircraft. I hope you find it interesting and useful. For a look at my own RV-3 build see Randy's RV-3 Works.

...Host and webmaster, Randy Lervold


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