The Internet has certainly changed the aircraft building process — the ability to share imformation with like-minded people around the globe in an instant, complete with pictures, is simply fantastic. Technology has allowed "communities" to develop and flourish online, and such is the case with RV-3 builders/owners/pilots/admirers.

Online forum
Given the small size of the RV-3 community we are best off with one central online forum for the exchange of information. As the de facto center of the RV universe, Doug Reeves' Van's Air Force forums are the place. For the lastest RV-3 issues, as well as a great archive of messages, RV-3 builders and owners are encouraged to visit the VAF RV-3 forum regularly. Just a tip, but if you "Subscribe" to the forum you will receive an e-mail summary of all forum activity, very handy! For those interested in RV-3s I believe this forum is the single most important resource we have, see you there!

Builder's sites/albums
While the RV-3 Forum at is the center of our community, some builders have put up their own web sites or picture albums. We all know how helpful seeing pics are so all RV-3 builders/owners/pilots are encouraged to put up a picture album and share info on their planes or projects with the rest of us. There are numerous free photo album services available but I like Google's Picasa in particular. Clic here for info.

Fred Bauer's RV-3B photo album
Dick Bentley's RV-3B photo album
Mark Castle-Smith's RV-3 Build Site
Rob Holmes
Randy Lervold's "RV-3 Works" site
Mario Pons RV-3B photo album
Doug Reeves' site
Tony Spicer's RV-3B photo album