Jeff Jasinsky

Aircraft type: RV-8 QuickBuild
Builder number: 80718
Date started: March '98
Current status: July '03, flying!





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Finish kit




Construction begins, note the tables and storage racks made to provide workspace and stay organized..


Freshly painted rear seatback gets positioned. I installed my floor panels with LOTS of platenuts instead of blind rivets to make the rear floor removable.


A batch of parts just shot with PPG Delta. The windscreen bar and rear grab bar will be blue to accent the gray interior. On the right is a close-up of metallic blue paint that will also be a part of the exterior paint scheme.


Finish Kit
Dscn1862.jpg (83185 bytes) Dscn2409.jpg (86166 bytes) DSCN2566.JPG (111085 bytes)
DSCN2557.JPG (112394 bytes) frontview.jpg (121565 bytes) Sideview.jpg (162614 bytes) Dscn3462.jpg (171830 bytes)
The panel takes shape. It was drawn first in Visio, printed it on transparency material, and laid it on the panel for cutting.
July 26th, 2003, after five years four months of construction, N184TJ took flight. Below is one of my first landings. Typical of RV-8s, it wants to make a tail-low wheel landing...
More to come...